List of Tools/Uses at ODHE National Meeting

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We asked members of the ODHE Group to use post-it notes to indicate which ‘digital’ tools they used for which purpose:

  • iPad: Saving ££ on printing/notetaking in meetings +1
  • Lots of apps for travel planning – trains, flights, buses, maps, walking, pubs, directions
  • Website – where to go for study skills. +1
  • Dropbox – document sharing and getting docs on the move +3
  • Slideshank – PowerPoint on the iPad/cloud
  • Powewownow – teleconferencing
  • Catchup TV – TV whilst working away +1
  • Google – research/entertainment +2
  • LinkedIn – Keeping in touch, e.g. MMU Interns have a group +1
  • QR Codes – Room timetables
  • Prezi – Capturing a session & sending out to delegates +1
  • Skype – Lots of virtual meetings
  • Tripit –web & mobile to keep track of travel
  • Camera on phone – recording flipchart/whiteboard for capture +3
  • Mobile phone – email on the move +6
  • Mobile phone – GPS tagging (safety of staff abroad) +1
  • Google Earth – looking at route through street images
  • Articulate – statuory training
  • Linked In – Business Networking +4
  • Doodle/Meetomatic – setting up groups +4
  • Kindle on iPad/iPhone & Kindle – PDF & other docs (& leisure reading)
  • Facebook – social networking & keeping up to date with work related stuff
  • Facebook group – new students pre-Freshers week
  • Adobe Connect – ‘virtual’ meetings
  • Listenfish – to language

One thought on “List of Tools/Uses at ODHE National Meeting

  1. Twitter is another way of using social media; whether to communicate about events in another way, direct people to articles, blogs or other information, or simply share a thought to encourage self reflection.

    I was pleased to know that people actually read my tweets (sometimes I do wonder whether it is worth keeping it up) when I was hacked and some tweets got circulated that were definitely not the kind of thing I write about – one about someone spreading malicious rumours and the other about weight loss! Thankfully, within minutes, I was notified by a host of people and was able to change my password immediately to rectify the problem. Twitter has helped me to have face to face conversations I would never have otherwise had.

    Twitter @cdvallance

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