Social Media and OD

Like/UnlikeWhat has challenged you?

Keeping interest levels in twitter as other initiatives take over. I liked the idea of auto-tweets, so I could write 20 in tweets advance and get the computer to do it for me. But the necessary download costs money and there is currently no budget for it. Social media generally – we have a new University policy on this, which is being embedded currently so I will need to understand/stick to these guidelines.

How have you developed?

Much more aware of twitter and blogs. Someone mentioned they ‘lurk’ on twitter. I feel that way – I am in the background as it isn’t a prominent facet of our marketing (although may become in the future?) I admire colleagues who make it a central facet of what they do. For me to tweet or follow another tweeter (is that the right term?!) then the information has to serve a purpose – educating, informing, debating, putting new perspectives etc.

What have you enjoyed?

I liked the conference. I like learning about new technologies which can be applied to learning and staff development.

What more do you feel you could learn?

The most useful things was following Bex on twitter and watching how she tweeted during the conference in Windermere. It is about the “art of the possible” – I can learn best from watching how people use social media for firm beneficial advantages to their institutions.

Marcus Hill, Senior Staff Development Adviser, University of Leeds

Charlotte Croffie, Organisation and Staff Development Consultant, UCL

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  1. Marcus, we mentioned Hootsuite in the session ( This is free for use with up to 5 tools (e.g. you could use a Twitter account, a Facebook account, a LinkedIn account, etc.) – it allows you to not have to log in/out of different accounts, and also to pre-set tweets – years ahead if you wish to! I highly recommend it – makes my life manageable for sure (I have the paid version of $5.99 a month, although if I split into personal/work accounts I could log in for whichever I’m focusing on at the time for free…)

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