Corporate Social Responsibility and OD

We have just completed our Green Impact project at Westminster. Some of you may be aware of Green Impact. Some of you may be in a team at your own university. None of you will run it from your OD team, so why do we? I think Green Impact is the purest and most basic example of change behaviour you are likely to find. It asks people to start the process of change with simple actions; print double sided, turn off your pc, turn out the light (check someone isn’t in the room at the time or you get shouted at!) It is one strand of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme and I will be writing more about how our OD team is managing, measuring and promoting CSR over the next few months. In the meantime here are some of our Green Impact participants:

One thought on “Corporate Social Responsibility and OD

  1. Great post. We are part of Green Impact in HR at University of Kent too and were very proud to receive a gold award earlier this year after two years of achieving bronze

    I agree completely that Green Impact is OD in action – bringing together a group of diverse people from a rang of functions and backgrounds who are passionate about a common greater purpose beyond the award (working to help save the plant for our grand children and great grand children) and all contributing complementary skills and capabilities in achieving a goal.

    Well worth celebrating!

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