About the Network

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The ODHE Network is a membership group that has been in existence in one form or another since the early ‘90’s. It provides a community of practice and CPD opportunities for staff in HE working in OD roles and is open to ex-HE colleagues who are now OD consultants. This is its prime function. It is seen by many members as complementary to UHR and SDF, providing a more in-depth opportunity to look specifically at OD and related work across the HE Sector.

Around 40 institutions are represented on the group which is comprised of higher education professionals engaged in organisational, cultural change and strategic development work supporting a range of HE sector priorities.

The network is independent (established as a not-for-profit limited company in 2018) and a self-funded community. We anticipate at least one meeting of the 2020/21 academic year being online, and this is reflected in the reduced annual fee of £500. (It usually costs £800.00 per academic year to join the group which entitles you to attendance at three residential events, usually in October, February and June. It is also possible to join part-way through the year if necessary).

The group also engages in research projects, shares resources and materials for collaborative work and acts as a reference group for a range of Small Development Projects.

If you would like further information, or are interested in collaborating with or presenting to the ODHE Network, please contact the co-chairs: Simon Inger (Bath) and Sara Corcoran.

How to join

To join the ODHE Network, please contact Sophie Lovejoy via admin@odhenetwork.co.uk

What is OD?

To find out more about what OD is, please see the What is OD? blog post.