App Review: VoucherCloud

VoucherCloud LogoIt’s a time of tightened budgets for all in Higher Education, so anything that can save finances whilst on the move has got to be good, right?

VoucherCloud is a free app that works on all smartphones, offering discount vouchers directly to your mobile phone.

VoucherCloud Options

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The app uses the GPS (geographical location) in your phone to identify where you are, and offers discounts nearby. Greyed out offers, as seen to the right, mean that the offer is not available at the time that you view it. You will also note that the food offers lean somewhat towards ‘pizza’, so not always appropriate, but worth a quick look.

The categories are:

  • ‘Near Me’
  • Deals
  • Restaurants
  • Casual Dining
  • Food to Go
  • Bars & Pubs
  • Film & Thetre
  • Online Shopping
  • Retail
  • Days Off
  • Leisure & Entertainment
  • Health & Beauty
  • Home, Garden & DIY
  • Travel & Hotels
  • Property
  • Finance & Business
  • Use Now OptionProfessional Services
  • Auto

Simply click on a deal that looks to be of interest, taking you through to a screen as seen on the right. The icons in the top row give you access to a map (from where you are now, to the location), a phone number, and the web address of the company.

To claim your voucher, double check the Terms & Conditions for any minimum spend/maximum number of users per voucher, etc., and then select ‘Use Now’, which will give you a code to give to your server. Just don’t forget to use it!

You can also access VoucherCloud online, and print out coupons.

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